Saturday, 13 December 2014

On a quest to a diaperless child

On most nights, I would be asleep by now. Tonight I am staying up, watching the husband race on his PS4 while I await the next hour to carry a sleepy child to the toilet.

Yes, the dreaded nighttime potty training. She's doing really great being diaperless in the day and during her naps. I still have her in her pull-ups when in school just in case she gets too engrossed in playing and forgets she needs to pee. But the moment we're home, diaperless. Even managed a short trip to the mall! Yeay!

Of course this wouldn't have been possible without me and the husband screaming our heads off during the first few days. So glad that phase is over. Now she's the one going "MAMA! I WANT TO POOPOO!". Signal for both poo and pee. Oh well, as long as she tells us.