Wednesday, 12 November 2014

One of these days I bet your heart will be broken

We got really excited when it was announced they would be playing in Singapore. But a week to their concert, they cancelled. So when I heard they were touring again, I made it known to the husband that if they head to Perth, we'll be there.

Set my reminder. Camped the website and once the tickets were on sale, I booked ours within 13 minutes. Seats, none of that standing nonsense because we are short Asians. Short, short trip just to see them. Kiddo will be home with her grandparents.

Of course, I would love a dinner date or a random gift for my 4th wedding anniversary. But this is just way better. You can have your dinner dates any day, you can't see Foo Fighters whenever you want to. Unless DVD ah, can replay.


evilmew said...

GASP!!! jealous!!!

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