Sunday, 30 November 2014

Me no likey PTM

For the sake of Alysha, I've brushed up on my mandarin. At the last parent-teacher meeting in June, her teachers said that kiddo was picking up the language pretty well. Since then, I've been talking to her in a mix of English, Malay and (broken)Mandarin. I guess at this age, she'll learn anything quite easily.

Overall, she's doing pretty well in school. Although she can follow instructions, there are times when she'll just rebel. Theeeen, there's her random biting classmates, even when no one is provoking her. Fwah stress. I don't mind if she's the one getting the bites but it worries me what the other parents will do when she bites her friends. -__-"

But her behavior is getting better and for that, I am thankful to her teachers. Here's to another year of school, insyaAllah.


evilmotherpuaka said...

wah dah big girl ar nunu. a big biter! ahwwhahaw

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