Tuesday, 21 January 2014


This blog is so neglected. Nana, Zyma are you two still here?

So what’s been going on since the last update?
1.       Renovation for the house is complete. We’ve moved in officially for almost two months now. The house is starting to look like a house, with the furniture and the curtain looking oh-so-pretty.

2.       Due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to hunt down a childcare that had immediate vacancy for Nuryn. None near our place but I was lucky enough to get one near my office. The fees are a killer but we were desperate. The curriculum and teachers are awesome though. Kiddo’s picking up Mandarin while she’s there. Did I mention the fees are insane?

3.       I now have another 6 years to get over that incident. Wawasan 2020. Heh.

To keep things interesting. PICTURES!!!
Keeping everything small in a small, cozy place.



Erda Bini Nazri said...

fwalaowey finally you blog like after ages and ages ago

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