Tuesday, 2 July 2013


I have friends who spend $2K+ on one awesome luxury bag. Then I have this idiot friend (who everyone thinks is my BFF, no lah eh) who spends the same amount of money on over a hundred colourful, pretty bags. Good quality ones as well.

So off we went to CCK to snap pictures of the bags and tally them against the order/invoice. We managed to clear only one huge box. There's another two boxes to go. But Nuryn was sleepy, my sister looked tired and Ikhsan had school the next morning. We left at 11pm. I'm tempted to head back tonight to finish up.

Thanks Afah for preparing dinner and making us go bonkers over the 100+ bags. Don't know which ones to reserve. Hahahahaha.

For helping with the labelling and packing, thank you lil sister/one of the NQ owners, Zyma.

Thank you diL for being ever so patient with my "business plans" and supporting my crazy schemes.

Wait for the "launch" on NiftyQuirks. Will probably have a mini flea weekend as well. =)


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