Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Aquarium

We've received the keys to our cute house! Activated the Zalch to help source out contacts for the renovation while diL and I work on the house design. Lots of work ahead. Sorta excited, don't really want to think of the finances yet.

Truth. When we first opened the doors, I was a little disappointed at the space we had. But the following day when we went over in the morning to snap a few pictures, the house was pretty huge. Ok, not super huge but it was comfortable for my cute family. So yes, I am contented. Alhamdulilah.

diL and I were invited by a bunch of contractors/IDs who were around the estate to view the units they were currently working on. One managed to give me a very good vibe and the kitchen they showed bought me over. He wasn't pushy either. diL's getting the quotes from them this evening. But we'll be meeting a few contractors before we decide. I'm making diL handle all the reno details while I take a back seat this time round. As long as he give me an awesome kitchen, I'm good. But I'll work on the admin/finance side. =)

Oh, sending out that email today. Excited and afraid all at once. But I have faith that He has the best plans ahead.


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