Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Aquarium

We've received the keys to our cute house! Activated the Zalch to help source out contacts for the renovation while diL and I work on the house design. Lots of work ahead. Sorta excited, don't really want to think of the finances yet.

Truth. When we first opened the doors, I was a little disappointed at the space we had. But the following day when we went over in the morning to snap a few pictures, the house was pretty huge. Ok, not super huge but it was comfortable for my cute family. So yes, I am contented. Alhamdulilah.

diL and I were invited by a bunch of contractors/IDs who were around the estate to view the units they were currently working on. One managed to give me a very good vibe and the kitchen they showed bought me over. He wasn't pushy either. diL's getting the quotes from them this evening. But we'll be meeting a few contractors before we decide. I'm making diL handle all the reno details while I take a back seat this time round. As long as he give me an awesome kitchen, I'm good. But I'll work on the admin/finance side. =)

Oh, sending out that email today. Excited and afraid all at once. But I have faith that He has the best plans ahead.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Breathe ever so soft, we wouldn't wanna break the eggs as we walk.

Breathe ever so soft, we wouldn't wanna break the eggs as we walk.
Never alone, cautious, afraid, I hear the voice of reason on the P.A.

Leave it alone, follow the grain, we couldn't stop the irresistible force.
Leave it the same, change with the leaves, bringing in the sheaves, bringing in the old.
Leave it alone.

Just last week I was ranting endlessly about stuff and how I'm all ready to call it quits. No, not my marriage. WTF. I did my usual and weighed out my options. Seriously, that shit won't work if your heart and mind are already set on a decision. But I negotiated with my impulsive side and decided that if opportunity knocks, I'll forgo my rewards even if it's just another 35 days to it.

This week, I see a glimmer of light for last week's efforts. I am hoping next week will bring me good news.

Had my first ngaji lesson after years last Friday evening. Not too bad actually. My youngest sister managed to get an ustazah to come over, sorta a personal 1-on-1 session instead of a classroom thingy. Hoping to khatam it this time round with the correct pronunciation and singsong tone. Not having someone to point out the mistakes is like marking your own exam paper and giving yourself a distinction. Ni bukan sebarang buku eh. Then hopefully, I'll be able to teach Nuryn. Slowly, slowly.

Here's a random picture of me and my daughter in our PJs. I knoooow..Tokyo. Waaaiiiittt.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Occasionally you just need a breather from the madness.

I need to do the Tokyo write-up before I forget. 2pm meeting. Can I just burn?