Monday, 6 May 2013

Weekend rush

On Saturday, I dragged my lazy ass self out to the post office to collect my package of owl hats. Had a quick LJS lunch with the husband, nice long random conversation and headed home while he went to work.

Ripped open the package, took a simple picture and posted on IG. Almost immediately, I had friends booking/reserving those hats. See ah, the plan was to take  "professional" (pro abes, all I had was my mobile camera) pictures and post them up on NiftyQuirks for sale. So from 10 owl hats, I was down to 2 in two hours. Hahaha.

Spent more time taking pictures of the tricoloured scarves. I absolutely love how soft and colouful they were. Too bad I'm not all that ready to go all-tudung yet. As some would say, "tutup kepala tapi mulut laser, tak guna." Slowly ah okay? Excuses, I know. I really don't understand how some people can FB share those religious stuff but on Wednesday night, you'll see them at the clubs posting lucah pictures. Man in the mirror, please.

Those maxi dresses on NiftyQuirks are selling very, very well that I'm actually quite surprised. Everytime I get an order, I'll text the supplier on the availability and he'll reply even if it's at 10pm WIB. Amazing customer service I tell you.

Oh! Recently realised that I misplaced my purple digital camera (I don't lose things so this is a damn bummer). Searched every where for it, no luck. I need a camera for Japan and was thinking that I should get the latest version of that camera (front screen, kids mode). While checking out Best Denki, there was an ongoing promo for the Olympus Pen Mini. Now, diL once mentioned about getting a DSLR to take shots of Nuryn and I figured that Nuryn will understand that we're taking her picture so I don't need a front screen + kids mode to get her attention. What did I do? Quick google on reviews and watched its awesomeness on Youtube. Did an immediate purchase despite not getting the colour I wanted. So now I have a compact, semi-DSLRish camera in my hands. I will not lose this baby. I know, I know you techies. It's an old model but hey, if it's still awesome and at a lower price, why not? WHY NOT?!


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