Thursday, 30 May 2013


In the words of Erda, I am having holidrawal. Booo.

The first time I faced it was returning from my some-what virgin trip to Phuket. Followed by the Perth trip with my then-boyfriend-now-husband. Now I'm having a severe holidrawal from Tokyo.

You know what's the one thing I learnt from Tokyo? Things are not that expensive as reported. I think I felt richer in Tokyo than in Singapore. Right, I will document as much as possible as a reference for my future (possibly Tokyo April 2014 if I can successfully washout diL's plans for Manchester) trips.

Our expenditure for 2 adults and 1 infant:
Hotel - $466.79
Flight - $1147.40
Travel Insurance - $67.50
Baby snacks - $45
Backpack - $85
SGD to Yen - $3000

Total: $4811.69

That $3K gave us tons of souveniers, HardRock tees/sweaters, a PRS24 guitar + hardcase, fed us for days, paid admission (DisneySea, Sumida Aquarium, Ueno Zoo) and endless subway rides for the whole family! I wasn't even tempted to budget diL's crazy spending. Gave him the thumbsup for the stuff he wanted. The only time he asked for approval was when he wanted to get a guitar gadget, which I disapproved. Found out much later that he would have fried the Japan gadget in Singapore. Different voltage and it was $40-$50 cheaper in Singapore.

I'm gonna give myself a self-pat now.

I booked a pretty decently cheap hotel thanks to Fyz's recommendation and hunted down cheap flights. Did my research on where to visit, studied the subway system, downloaded offline apps to help us get to places, purchased SoftBank wifi plans, packed the bags, did up a rough itinerary and you know, senang cakap, I was being a secretary with OCD. I love planning and I love it even more that diL gave me full trust in doing it. But I missed out one important detail and remembered it only on the day of the flight. Ultra failure. Visa. Thankfully, as Singaporean slaves, we didn't need a visa to enter Japan.

So, another tick off the bucket list. Tokyo trip was awesome, had one of the best travel mates for it. Finally visited the places I've only seen in J-dorama. I'm happy it happened, happier that it was with the husband and daughter. Honeymoon + babymoon all in one. What's next? Manchester? I want to go Japan again lei. We'll see. For now, Alhamdulilah.

Even more Alhamdulilah for a renewed contract, salary increment and upcoming bonuses. I'm still gonna be jobhunting coz, that's the way I am. Lol.

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