Friday, 3 May 2013

Always be nice


I've been slightly preoccupied lately but a friend shared that video on Facebook and I felt like I should do a quick update. Who am I kidding, this would probably be a lengthy one. Gah, now I have my Millencolin playlist on. Hyper~

My girl turned 1! Had a small party for her, although I'm pretty sure she was just excited about the crowd more than anything else. It was mostly attended by my mom's side of the family. I have quite a bit to say about the whole motherhood journey so far, but I'll leave the juicy bits to my LJ.

Since 2000. #ska.

 My go-to guy/lobang king and now, Nuryn's godfather. *insert theme song*

 Pretty tutu made by my mom. Seriously thinking about taking orders for them.

 Awesome rainbow cupcakes lovingly baked by my sister. Now, these are going on NiftyQuirks.

Had an Abby Caddaby theme. My other sister hunted down for the decorations. =)


Hmmm, what else. Oh right, decided to give flashcards another try. Bought 683 flashcards from a fellow mom. 2nd hand but in damn good condition. Practically brand new. Now, I'm reading up on Doman and his methods. Interesting. Been practising them on Nuryn and she loves the whole "game" idea. Hah!

What else, what else? Ah yessss. My items from China are slowly making their way here. I've received two packages so far. Pretty excited to post them on Nifty Quirks and hope they'll sell well. Extensive advertising has led to 94 Likes in a week. Starting to get a few orders for the maxi dresses we posted and my Indonesian supplier is just damn amazing. Kudos to the sister for finding him. Slowly, slowly.

Here's what we have up right now. More info on Http://
The Shabilla and Felisha designs are hot, hot, hot.


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