Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Don't terasa can?

 Because I Need To Listen To Angry Music To Be Happy

That is why I love reading her blog because I can relate and know that I'm not the only one feeling crappy. I've been in that situation a few times and while I think I'm coping better with Nuryn deciding to be on a newborn's night schedule again, it is still tiring. Waking up every two hours till it's time to head to the office. Not fun okay but CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. I need to catch up on HIMYM.

Motherhood isn't all roses and daisies. Occasionally, it brings out a character in us that we don't even know existed. You can choose to a paint a pretty picture about how awesome it is but really, it's okay to rant. How else are you gonna get it off your chest? No, the juicy details of how I'm coping isn't in LJ this time. diL has them and I'm glad he does although sometimes I wish I could elbow his chest while he snores. Secret. When I'm super tired, I let Nuryn cry a few seconds longer because I know diL will wake up and handle the kid. Hahahahaha.

Oh hey! 8 more days to Japan! Much needed vacation and theeeen, I want to selit a weekend getaway to Phuket. Someone said, "Kau and aku je~". HOARGH! Weekend can lah, won't miss the lil girl that much.


Erda Anak Kamal said...

awww!!! come hug again! *sings to alif ba taa while hugging*

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