Thursday, 30 May 2013


In the words of Erda, I am having holidrawal. Booo.

The first time I faced it was returning from my some-what virgin trip to Phuket. Followed by the Perth trip with my then-boyfriend-now-husband. Now I'm having a severe holidrawal from Tokyo.

You know what's the one thing I learnt from Tokyo? Things are not that expensive as reported. I think I felt richer in Tokyo than in Singapore. Right, I will document as much as possible as a reference for my future (possibly Tokyo April 2014 if I can successfully washout diL's plans for Manchester) trips.

Our expenditure for 2 adults and 1 infant:
Hotel - $466.79
Flight - $1147.40
Travel Insurance - $67.50
Baby snacks - $45
Backpack - $85
SGD to Yen - $3000

Total: $4811.69

That $3K gave us tons of souveniers, HardRock tees/sweaters, a PRS24 guitar + hardcase, fed us for days, paid admission (DisneySea, Sumida Aquarium, Ueno Zoo) and endless subway rides for the whole family! I wasn't even tempted to budget diL's crazy spending. Gave him the thumbsup for the stuff he wanted. The only time he asked for approval was when he wanted to get a guitar gadget, which I disapproved. Found out much later that he would have fried the Japan gadget in Singapore. Different voltage and it was $40-$50 cheaper in Singapore.

I'm gonna give myself a self-pat now.

I booked a pretty decently cheap hotel thanks to Fyz's recommendation and hunted down cheap flights. Did my research on where to visit, studied the subway system, downloaded offline apps to help us get to places, purchased SoftBank wifi plans, packed the bags, did up a rough itinerary and you know, senang cakap, I was being a secretary with OCD. I love planning and I love it even more that diL gave me full trust in doing it. But I missed out one important detail and remembered it only on the day of the flight. Ultra failure. Visa. Thankfully, as Singaporean slaves, we didn't need a visa to enter Japan.

So, another tick off the bucket list. Tokyo trip was awesome, had one of the best travel mates for it. Finally visited the places I've only seen in J-dorama. I'm happy it happened, happier that it was with the husband and daughter. Honeymoon + babymoon all in one. What's next? Manchester? I want to go Japan again lei. We'll see. For now, Alhamdulilah.

Even more Alhamdulilah for a renewed contract, salary increment and upcoming bonuses. I'm still gonna be jobhunting coz, that's the way I am. Lol.

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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Saw this in my FB newsfeed. Motherhood has made me a wuss for things like these.

Maybe that’s why I look into my children’s eyes when they speak, even though I’ve heard that story ten times already.
Maybe that’s why I pay attention when they say, “Watch me, Mama!” And not only do I watch, but I say, “I see you, baby. I see you!”
Maybe that’s why I say, “I’m the luckiest mom in the world,” even on days when I don’t feel like it.
Maybe that’s why I look for the good, always the good in my children, even when I have to dig a little to find it.

Because loving a person means seeing her, really seeing her, above the distractions, the chaos, the mess, and the imperfections.
Loving a person means seeing her with so much love in your eyes that you can’t hold back the tears.

Because you are her parent and she is your child.
And you couldn’t bear the thought of her belonging to anyone else.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Lagwagon kinda day. "Celebrated" it when I was 16 and we're still wishing each other when we're hitting 30s. Awesome. Some things don't really change.


**6 days to Japan**

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Don't terasa can?

 Because I Need To Listen To Angry Music To Be Happy

That is why I love reading her blog because I can relate and know that I'm not the only one feeling crappy. I've been in that situation a few times and while I think I'm coping better with Nuryn deciding to be on a newborn's night schedule again, it is still tiring. Waking up every two hours till it's time to head to the office. Not fun okay but CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. I need to catch up on HIMYM.

Motherhood isn't all roses and daisies. Occasionally, it brings out a character in us that we don't even know existed. You can choose to a paint a pretty picture about how awesome it is but really, it's okay to rant. How else are you gonna get it off your chest? No, the juicy details of how I'm coping isn't in LJ this time. diL has them and I'm glad he does although sometimes I wish I could elbow his chest while he snores. Secret. When I'm super tired, I let Nuryn cry a few seconds longer because I know diL will wake up and handle the kid. Hahahahaha.

Oh hey! 8 more days to Japan! Much needed vacation and theeeen, I want to selit a weekend getaway to Phuket. Someone said, "Kau and aku je~". HOARGH! Weekend can lah, won't miss the lil girl that much.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Taking a break from replying the messages and comments on NiftyQuirks. Stumbled on this, awesome read. Had a good laugh. Now sharing.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Weekend rush

On Saturday, I dragged my lazy ass self out to the post office to collect my package of owl hats. Had a quick LJS lunch with the husband, nice long random conversation and headed home while he went to work.

Ripped open the package, took a simple picture and posted on IG. Almost immediately, I had friends booking/reserving those hats. See ah, the plan was to take  "professional" (pro abes, all I had was my mobile camera) pictures and post them up on NiftyQuirks for sale. So from 10 owl hats, I was down to 2 in two hours. Hahaha.

Spent more time taking pictures of the tricoloured scarves. I absolutely love how soft and colouful they were. Too bad I'm not all that ready to go all-tudung yet. As some would say, "tutup kepala tapi mulut laser, tak guna." Slowly ah okay? Excuses, I know. I really don't understand how some people can FB share those religious stuff but on Wednesday night, you'll see them at the clubs posting lucah pictures. Man in the mirror, please.

Those maxi dresses on NiftyQuirks are selling very, very well that I'm actually quite surprised. Everytime I get an order, I'll text the supplier on the availability and he'll reply even if it's at 10pm WIB. Amazing customer service I tell you.

Oh! Recently realised that I misplaced my purple digital camera (I don't lose things so this is a damn bummer). Searched every where for it, no luck. I need a camera for Japan and was thinking that I should get the latest version of that camera (front screen, kids mode). While checking out Best Denki, there was an ongoing promo for the Olympus Pen Mini. Now, diL once mentioned about getting a DSLR to take shots of Nuryn and I figured that Nuryn will understand that we're taking her picture so I don't need a front screen + kids mode to get her attention. What did I do? Quick google on reviews and watched its awesomeness on Youtube. Did an immediate purchase despite not getting the colour I wanted. So now I have a compact, semi-DSLRish camera in my hands. I will not lose this baby. I know, I know you techies. It's an old model but hey, if it's still awesome and at a lower price, why not? WHY NOT?!

Friday, 3 May 2013

Always be nice


I've been slightly preoccupied lately but a friend shared that video on Facebook and I felt like I should do a quick update. Who am I kidding, this would probably be a lengthy one. Gah, now I have my Millencolin playlist on. Hyper~

My girl turned 1! Had a small party for her, although I'm pretty sure she was just excited about the crowd more than anything else. It was mostly attended by my mom's side of the family. I have quite a bit to say about the whole motherhood journey so far, but I'll leave the juicy bits to my LJ.

Since 2000. #ska.

 My go-to guy/lobang king and now, Nuryn's godfather. *insert theme song*

 Pretty tutu made by my mom. Seriously thinking about taking orders for them.

 Awesome rainbow cupcakes lovingly baked by my sister. Now, these are going on NiftyQuirks.

Had an Abby Caddaby theme. My other sister hunted down for the decorations. =)


Hmmm, what else. Oh right, decided to give flashcards another try. Bought 683 flashcards from a fellow mom. 2nd hand but in damn good condition. Practically brand new. Now, I'm reading up on Doman and his methods. Interesting. Been practising them on Nuryn and she loves the whole "game" idea. Hah!

What else, what else? Ah yessss. My items from China are slowly making their way here. I've received two packages so far. Pretty excited to post them on Nifty Quirks and hope they'll sell well. Extensive advertising has led to 94 Likes in a week. Starting to get a few orders for the maxi dresses we posted and my Indonesian supplier is just damn amazing. Kudos to the sister for finding him. Slowly, slowly.

Here's what we have up right now. More info on Http://
The Shabilla and Felisha designs are hot, hot, hot.