Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Spider, the kanchong kind

I was reading a blog and realised that the writer had a bunch of really good business ideas but it wasn't acted on. Who am I to say? I'm probably the same. The only thing stopping me is procrastination. But this year I made a silent resolve to get rid my procrastination and get things moving. Guess that's why I've been pretty kanchong spider lately. The things I've said lately probably sounds bossy and like a broken record.

"When want to book hotel? Rooms running out." (done)
"My passport expire!! TAKE MY PICTURE NOOOWW" (hahahaha done)
"Ticket tengah murah ni. Book keppe?" (then I procrastinate til the husband forced me out of the bed to make the call to MAS)
"Eh I need your Japan itinerary.." (in the process)
"When are we going haversack shopping?" (done) 
"WHAT TO PACCCKK?" (I hate packing and now I have a kid to pack for)
"Japan use what plug? My travel adaptor where???!!!" (bought for the one I lost)
"JunBin want to go where? Ask him to list out leeei"
"Korang nak gi mana ah? I need to put this down.."

That's just for Japan. Yes, I have 41 days to go but if I can settle this early, I can start on another project.

Actually, I've already started on the other project. Multitask ah kira. Just need to finalise a buncha stuff so my sister can take over.

And now, I'm hungry.

Wow, I'm starting to really like being on Blogger but LJ is where my heart is at. Been with me since 2003. Good days.

Oh hey, here's a random camwhore picture of me.


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