Monday, 15 April 2013

Read, read, read

Google led me to this amazing website that I must share. It's about kids and reading. I'm sure my mom didn't have the internet back then and whipped out her own theory but this sorta fits in to what she did right with me. I love reading. I don't love keeping books but I love reading. I love reading so much, I've acquired the skills to read in between the lines even when I don't have to. Blame my literature teacher for that.

If you're lazy, here's the summary:
1. Read to your child every day!
2. Ask your child questions before, during, and after reading.
3. Let your child see you reading.
4. Look for letters while out and about and in the environment around you.
5. When teaching letters and letter sounds, incorporate as many senses as possible.
6. Read a variety of books and make a game out of guessing the genre.
7. Have fun rhyming!
8. Work on letter sounds and manipulating them within words (phonemic awareness).
9. Encourage your child to sound out short words (consonant, vowel, consonant).
10. Practice memorizing a few sight words each day.

The lines below screamed at me especially the last sentence. I've been drilled before to the point that I hated it. So instead, I harnessed my eidetic memory (can one, don't need to be X-men) for the things I choose to remember.

Often times, we want to force our children to learn letter names by a certain age.  We buy flashcards or DVDs claiming to teach our children their letters.  We drill our 2-year old over and over for minutes on end.  Don’t buy into this…allow your kid to be a kid and take advantage of the “teachable moments” as they come along! 

Always keep in mind that our ultimate goal is to foster a lifelong learner who loves to read, not a child who has simply memorized without any significance.

English reading aside, I've occasionally set time to read Quranic verses to her while I try to get her to sleep. Nothing fancy. Just your usual Al-Fatihah and other short ones. Of course, she'd think I'm singing and decide to play but ok, something will get in her head eventually.

Okay, baby stuff ends here. Kemaruk first time mom syndrome.


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