Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Nifty Quirks

Introducing....NIFTY QUIRKS.

Something the sisters and I worked on. I did up the "logo" on Illustrator (how I miss working on it) and sourced out for suppliers. Once I scored one, Zyma helped to choose the items to sell. She's pretty much the buyer for Nifty Quirks.

We bought a buncha stuff from the supplier and hope it will arrive in mid May. Planning to have Titi model some of the items before we post them up.

What are we selling? Anything from baby clothes, ladies wear, bras, mobile gadgets, muslim wear, get the idea. If we see something we absolutely love and will definitely wear/use them, we'll sell it. 

Right now, our main agenda is to build up the number of likes on our FB page. We have a few items posted and hope to get things started soon.

I'm not mixing NinjaMums with Nifty Quirks. NinjaMums is all about breastfeeding, a pretty niche market. Nifty Quirks is the opposite.

So if you're reading this entry by chance, drop by Nifty Quirks and like the page. It won't cost you anything unless you're buying something (heeeheee). The sisters and I are probably gonna have a "opening sale" soon. It's only fair. Introduce your friends to the page and if they get something of us, we might just give you (and your friend) a discount.

I know it's not much, but it's a start. =)

Oh right, we're at Http:// or click the logo above to head right to the page. =)


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