Monday, 4 March 2013

The StepMacamFaham Runner

I don't quite like running as much as I think I should. But I do it anyway. Sorta a timeout for me and I'm thankful that Bedok Reservoir Park is just 500m away from home.

I track my runs as Brisk Walking coz seriously, at that speed, it should just be brisk walking. I would run for 1km straight then slowly slack off with sprints and walks. 2.5km to the end from home and another 2.5km back. Doesn't feel far when you do it often.

On some mornings, I'd drag out the stroller and bring the girl along. Contrary to popular belief, evening runs are way better than morning runs. I have more energy in the evening than in the morning.

The moment Nuryn starts walking on her own, I will let her run alongside. For now, it's her and the stroller.


Erda M. Kamal said...

strangely i also very 'kalah' when i run in the mornings. i die faster. i am a malay vampire, i run at night.

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