Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Fever

Thought it was a little strange that Nuryn fell asleep without much fuss (and the pacifier) on Tuesday night when I got home from class.

As usual, the kiddo woke up at 3am for her milk. While I was nursing her, I realised her body felt too warm. Checked her ear temperature and it was at 37.8 degrees. Funny thing is, she wasn't crying or cranky. In fact, after her milk, she sat up, looked at me and wanted to play. THREE IN THE MORNING!!! Anyway, managed to rock her to sleep and instead of placing her back in the cot, I had her sleep next to me since diL was working that night. Slapped a cool-aid on her forehead hoping it'll be okay before I leave for work. Texted diL that he might need to bring the girl to the doctor.

Woke up at 6.30am, took her temperature and thinking it would have gone down. Wrooooong. Contemplated and finally decided I should take the day off to take her to the doctor. Not that diL couldn't do it but I would rather have first hand news. Seriously, there is no way I would be calm in the office knowing that my girl has a high fever. Told my mom, woke the girl, forced some baby paracetemol and nursed her.

 Again, she wanted to play.

This continued til 10am, when she finally surrendered and took her usual morning nap after a super quick bath.

Clinic nurses felt her temperature was way too high and had to give some fever medication before we saw the doctor. Good thing Nuryn was in her I-dont-care-I-give-up moods so there wasn't a screamfest when I had to syringe down the med on my own. diL was out parking the car, so I was feeling step single mom.

Long wait. Camwhored. Nuryn was being unusually quiet. diL commented "Nunu sakit ikut perangai kau. Diam je..". When we finally got to see the doctor, Nuryn cried. The really sad, Y-U-NO-CARRY-ME kinda cry with tears and red eyes. Heartbreaking. Since we said no one was sick in the house and Nuryn's fever was a mystery, the doctor wanted to do a urine test to see if she has any infection. Apparently babies can get UTI. Booo. Anyway, no infection but sent the urine to the labs for further testing. (Much later, I was told that my youngest sister was feeling a little sick and played with Nuryn the whole Tuesday night. Might have passed some germs to kiddo. Hahahhaha.)

How did do a urine test? Sorta taped (I don't know the fancy medical term) a sterile urine bag on Nuryn and waited for her to pee. I had to nurse kiddo in the clinic and go "shhiiiishiiii". Oh such joy to see the bag filled with pee coz "no urine, cannot go home". Bah.

Spent $110, paid by the government (thank you) and headed to do my other errands. Girl slept throughout the drive and in the stroller. For a sick girl, I'm thankful she wasn't fussy. Still my silly, bubbly, hyper girl. =) <3


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