Monday, 11 March 2013

Starting on Project #13230

Got home last night to diL sleeping while running a movie on the computer. Nudged him a little and told me that I'm off cooking duties that night. He had KFC in the afternoon. Y U NO KEEP SOME FOR ME?

Kiddo slept at 10pm, her dad woke up. Asked me if I've booked the tickets. Believe me, I've been trying for days but the MAS website wasn't being helpful. We tried again, refreshing like mad. I gave up and called their hotline. Line got cut off while I was giving the guy our details. Called again, finally settled everything. Paid on the spot and received our e-tickets immediately. =) And this was at 12.25am. Hahaha. Spent some time talking in bed while diL was waiting for his movie transfer. Fell asleep, woke up a few times because of the teething screamer. Now I'm feeling pretty dizzy. Probably from the adrenaline rush of knowing I've booked those flights and the severe lack of sleep.

Guess how much it was. $1147.40 for 2 adults and 1 infant. Tokyo return flights!! Wooooooohhhh~ Now that the hotel and flights are settled, the husband has kindly requested me to plan our days in Tokyo. Time to stalk travel forums.

Any travel tips for Tokyo with a baby?

Takuya Kimura, I'll see you soon. <3



Erda M. Kamal said...

because we are ever so loveable traffic whores, i nominate you to *drumrolls* A LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD!!!
nah, check check chhhheecccck it out~

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