Sunday, 10 March 2013


I found out something funny but too ridiculous to share it here. By the way, cookies.

My girl usually wakes up all smiley and giggly. Today was the rare few days she woke up screaming. She's teething = no sleep for me. Kiddo probably didn't have enough rest. We had a relatively busy Sunday (delivery and checking out remittance rates) and although she recovered from her fever, she suddenly developed coughs. Gah. Lepas satu, satu. March on, Nuryn, march on.
I will now award myself with the prestigious ParentsOfTheYear trophy for taking a picture of my screaming child instead of soothing her cries. Ease up people. She was all smiles 30 seconds after this picture.

Let me gloat. I received a pretty 77% for the school report I did 2-3 three days prior to the submission date. But I must thank the hubs and my family for entertaining the kiddo while I was researching and consolidating the report. Of course, there was that day when diL tried to distract me from work.
d: You want to watch a funny video?
n: I have school project to finish laaaahhh..
d: 20 seconds only
n: No. Go awaaaay~

It wasn't funny. His sense of humour and mine are on extremely different levels. Always have for years.

diL has a buddy who is selling a buncha awesome stuff. I love love love love the stuff he's bringing in. Long story short, diL suggested a collaboration. Right, adding on to my other life projects. A cynic might say "Jack of all trades, master of none". In the words of J.E.W, "Are you gonna to live your life standing in the back looking around?".



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