Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Nora, the (keyboard) warrior princess

I am a keyboard warrior and the husband knows it damn well. The only problem is, I don't troll on forums. My skills are reserved for my LJ and twitter.

I have my reasons and my posts are generally directed to one person, the former boyfriend. Look, couples have different ways of resolving conflict. This is how I deal with mine. I don't judge your choice, I think you shouldn't with mine. I don't do screaming arguments. I let it sink deeeeeep in me then blast it all out online because I'm chicken like that. BUT my entries are private to a selected, trusted few. Trusted. Like I mentioned previously, if they're not comfortable, remove me.

So really, if you think I'm "a horrible person" to be with, well, guess what, you lucky person, you....I'm not with you and it really isn't your problem how bad my keyboard warrior skills have been/will be.

To zee hubs/former boyfriend who probably won't read this till news gets to him, thank you for the tolerating my crap these 13 years. I'm not perfect and I am trying my damn best to rectify my imperfections, so give me a little time.


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