Sunday, 3 March 2013

I love chili, ask anyone close to me.

I have less than 200 people on my facebook, most of them are schoolmates, colleagues and friends that I actually interact with. On my twitter, a selected 25 people that I trust enough to rant to. My instagram, 56 followers. I checked just for this entry. Having said that, I don't monitor if these people choose to have me removed from their list. It doesn't bother me if I no longer have access to their fb/twitter/ig. But if you have over 200 followers and realise I am no longer one of them, I think you are stalking me. I choose the people I want to read. If that person starts to get really whiny about their relationship or life, I will remove myself. It's nothing personal. I just don't find it...I don't know..entertaining? It goes the same for the other person. If he/she feels I rant too much, please, remove me from your list. Trust me, I know there are days where I rant insanely and when I read back, I would have deleted myself. #truestory

Been feeling like giving up and walking away. But I realise it was pretty much my idea and I was the one who got things going. I love theory, I love the planning but I do not want to be NATO. To give it all up when I built it up, that's just not fair. I'm sorry, I'm staying. Right from the idea to the name creation, that was pretty much me. I have the saved texts to prove it. I could "main bangsat" but really, that's not how I am. There's this theory I learnt in school, something about "What good if you have the customers but no products to sell. What good if you have the products but no customers". It goes hand in hand. While I appreciate the effort in her sourcing the customers, I would like a little recognition for my efforts. We had the tasks delegated but mine is taken away, what's left for me? So, yes, I'm sorry if I read that status and felt that it was directed at me. I should eat this. But march on, Nora, march on.

I'm done with hopefully, my last two projects for this diploma. Now it's just two more exams and then, freedom!! I do have a few things lined up but it would really have to wait until April. I might have to visit the library to read up on them. It's been years and I want to do a really good job. Details soon.

Right now, I'm gonna roll around in bed till the husband wakes up. It is Sunday after all. =)


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