Friday, 15 March 2013

Can I don't have a title for every entry?

This is my seventh bottle of the day. I think that's 600ml, so 4.2L? Drowning my insides. I'm losing liquid through my nose so I need to replenish, also water helps in my milk production. I'm still breastfeeding at 11 months. It's the only milk she's drinking except for the few days in KKH and that one time I gave her a bottle of S26 to try out.

 Sneezing and battling a leaky nose today. My body is telling me that I need to put in more sleep hours. That's what the weekend is for!

Weekends are also for camwhoring in bed with my little padawan (not that I'm a StarWars fan but the husband is and it rubs off a little on me), catching up on my life projects (relearning webdesign currently), growing fat on my sisters' baking/cooking, releasing a week's worth pent up emotions on the jogging track (as much as I like to punch stupid in the face, I can't), vomitting to Zuzka's work outs (still don't have abs, but my tummy is flatter I guess I have ONE ab?) and I don't know, squeeze in a date with the husband maybe. Oh probably work on some NinjaMums marketing/advertising and hunt out potential suppliers. Can't just depend on the 200+ likes for sales. There will be a day those likes will remain as likes.

 Getting the PPI/DPI of this image large enough for printing. Had to work some simple magic since the DPI of the original image was only 72. Need it to be 300/400 for printing. Also, had to delete off the white background of the logo so I can move it around on the pink background. Always save logos as PNG with transparent background. Yes, I didn't do up the logo, credits don't go to me.

I love this breakdown by Blogger. Hello readers and possibly friends/stalkers that were originally from LJ!! I'm not abandoning my LJ. The awesome rants are still in there. Thought I should just make my keyboard warrior a little bit more public. Hahahah, kiddinnnng~ or am I? Hoargh!


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