Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Busy wedding weekend

This morning, I woke up contemplating if I should call in sick. My throat felt better, my body was still aching, my fever went down but I felt miserable. Seeing my girl's sleeping face and the messy room made me want to stay home. But I marched on to work because I had stuff to follow-up on. Sucked on a few Strepsils while I headed to work. Strepsils really did their job in numbing my throat.

Had a busy weekend. Dear lil cousin got married so we were busy helping out with the preparations. Pretty smooth sailing wedding, if you ask me. Food was delicious!! It was during one of my stuffing-face-with-oily-glorious-food that diL said, "Family weddings remind you of Pak Ngah kan?". Sorta. My late uncle always did an awesome job at running weddings. He did mine and I am always thankful for that.

Moving on (before I get sappy), my Nuryn Alysha turned 11 months that weekend. My cousin's kid also turned a month older, 10 months. =)

Pictures because too much words can be boring.


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