Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Awkward Introduction


This might possibly be my first time on blogger. Previously, I've been (and still am) on a hidden LiveJournal. The awesome stuff are in there. The best stuff are with Arafah. Let me just say this because you would see her name often - Nur Arafah is not my best friend. I have no freaking idea how that theory came about.

I don't quite know where to start. Let's just say, I woke up one morning realising I missed my period for way too long (11 days late, which was occasionally the norm) and decided to take a pee test in the evening.

So here I am, ten months into motherhood. Cliche, but it has been a roller-coaster ride. Oh, I didn't give birth. I was unwillingly sliced open. More about that later.

I just kinda died for you. You just kinda stared at me
-Aurora, Foo Fighters-

That was THE quit message I had while on mIRC in 2000-2003. Love the song. Love the band. Found new meaning in that line recently. Kinda how I felt when my daughter was scooped out of me. Of course, she didn't really stare at me. She was screaming, hence, mylilscreamer. Also, for the first three months of her life, she didn't cry, she screamed. Now it's just bubbly laughs and funny bird-like/cat-like sounds.

Oh, I'm Nora. Nice to meet you.


Erda M. Kamal said...

ehem presenting your first stalker! *waves*

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