Thursday, 28 February 2013

The 10th

So, meet my daughter. My hyper, bubbly, ultra friendly Ms Nuryn Alysha. She turned 10 months on 24 Feb. Still very petite but extremely active. She probably burns off all the fats she's supposed to gain. Kiddo is 6.5kg ONLY!! Before you ask (just like how the polyclinic nurses ask me every month), she is eating porridge twice a day, baby snacks/biscuits/bread throughout the day, has breakfast without fail and drinks her milk very well. No my dears, I am not starving my child.

Since it was a Sunday and I didn't have to rush bath time, we played with bubbles while I read out lines from her book. That bubble toy gun is the best shopping idea. "Bubbles bubbles on my nose. Bubbles bubbles on my toes. Bubbles bubbles fly so high. Count 1-2-3 as they go by..." something like that lah.

Then, it was a quick meet with Afah to pass her son's present.

Went to Swensen's at Tampines Mall for brunch with the sisters and husband.

After a insanely heavy meal, we walked home. 3km walk in 30 minutes.

Stopped by the playground. Her first visit. Her first ride down the slide.

After a busy day, I had one of the best sleep in months. Nuryn slept from 9pm, woke up at 2am for milk and continued sleeping til 7am. Bliss.


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