Friday, 22 February 2013

Not exactly a writer, but having a writer's block

This explains my current situation perfectly. Must be sopan. Maybe I'll copy and paste a few from my NC-16 LJ and edit it so it'll be G.

I have school tonight. Last two modules and I'm done with my diploma. This would be my second private diploma, the first was in Multimedia Design. Some good it did me. But it was useful during my stint at HP. Pretty much did up a Sharepoint page for the account I was in, complete with the codings and design. Of course, I had valuable input while creating it. Although I had no prior experience in Sharepoint Designer and have not touched HTML in years, I think I did a pretty decent job. Kinda enjoyed it too. Anyway, I was young when I took the diploma and very sure I wanted to be in the design line. In no time I realised that people in that industry worked late nights and I am not ready for it. So here I am, taking a diploma in business administration before I decide what I would like to major in for the degree. I'm thinking HR. Definitely not accounting.

Yes, I'm a full-time working mother and a part-time student. It's crazy. But school started way before I got pregnant and the husband was on crazy shift hours that left me very free on some evenings. It's a little different now but this will only last until April and then I can finally start on my other life projects like sleeping. For now, it's two more school reports (due next week!) and two more exams. Ganbatte!


Erda M. Kamal said...

woa but i salute! i have always wanted to go back to school but meh, i guess i give too many excuses. now lagi no more time (another excuse) cos nobody look after darya after working hours ahha.

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